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    Bees Are Important For Our Environment

    Help save them, we only do live removal
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    Sometimes Bees Swarm and Relocate

    If you see this, give us a call
  • We Also Service Yellow Jackets and Wasps

    If you see a nest, give us a call
  • We Have the Right Tools & Experience

    We serve both commercial & residential customers

Our Services

Your local Southern California bee removal and relocation experts. We only do live removals. We are not an exterminator, we’re an alternative to extermination. When choosing SoCal Bee Removal & Relocation, you’re choosing to work with professional beekeepers who know and care about the safe removal of unwanted swarms and hives. With our live removal techniques we not only remove the bees but also the hive, wax and honey left behind. Inside of this is often unborn bees, which could potentially create a new colony again. Find out how we can help you today.

Swarm Removal

We're experts in live removal of Bee, Yellow Jacket, and Wasp swarms. If you've seen lots of them together like this picture or lots of them flying around your property, its likely a swarm. This is a sign they are starting a new colony or hive. Give us a call and we can safely remove them.
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Hive Removal

If Bees have been in the same location more than a few days they start to create a hive. The sooner it is removed the better to avoid possible expensive structural damage. If you see signs of several bees regularly flying in and out of a structure, its a sign there is probably a hive inside that structure. Don't wait to call us, we can quickly and safely remove the hive.
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SoCal Bee Removal Repair Services

repair services

Sometimes Bees and Wasps can get into structures like eves, roofs, chimneys, walls, fences or other locations. We have the right equipment to exactly locate the swarm or hive and extract them with as minimal structure damage as possible. Our proposal will always include repairs to restore the structure to its original like condition.
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Bee relocation

We are also beekeepers. We are able to relocate bees that we capture to our local ranch and apiary in Vista. (Bamboo Honey) We try to keep as many bees alive as possible and continue to grow the colony. These bees help pollinate local crops in the area. Together we can help support our environment, local farmers, and businesses. Learn more about our sister business by clicking the link below.
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What customers are saying about us
  • "I had a beehive inside my attic, and I found SOCAL BEE REMOVAL & RELOCATION SERVICE, a service that extracts bees without trying to kill them, Mr. Sterling did a masterful job for me, and he said he has worked with others in this area...I have had no issues with returning bees since his services, which is a bit over 1 year. Hope this info can help others in the future!”

    Steve M.

    "Very happy and thankful to find Sterling. We noticed a lot of bees flying around the back of our house. I was very concerned because I have small children. He arrived within a half hour of calling him and within another half hour he was able to locate a new starting colony above our garage, and capture and remove them without any damage to the property. He provides a solid guarantee, fast response and great service. Very experienced, call him for any bee issues you have.

    Teresa V.

  • "Thank you for taking care of our bee problem on our Property in Bonsall. You did an excellent job in fixing the damage caused by the bees. I particularly appreciate the fact that you educated our resident managers as to the importance of bees. They were all thrilled with your experience and had high praise for you. Thanks for all you do!"

    Bobbi B.

    Sea Bee Properties, LLC
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    Amy L.

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