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Swarm Removal

Bee Swarm Removal

Bee swarms are usually most active in the spring time. However, due to our beautiful year-round weather in Southern California, it can be a bee paradise. Typically the queen bees lay eggs over the winter time so by spring the arrival of the new bees creates a crowded bee colony. Just like humans, bees need space to live so part of the colony will leave with a queen bee in search of a new safe place to live. The bees will protect the queen by surrounding her and keeping her in the middle, creating a bee swarm. They can pick a temporary landing spot such as a tree or structure in or around your home while they send out scout bees to find a permanent safe place to live. You may see them as a cloud flying in the air or in a cluster like the pictures here which are examples of swarms we have safely removed and relocated for customers.

If the bees are still swarming they are typically not aggressive unless provoked. However, once they start making a hive they can become protective which could become a dangerous environment for people and pets. This is why calling an expert such as SoCal Bee Removal and Relocation is so important. We are experts in beekeeping and bee removal. We have all the necessary experience and equipment to remove them safely and cost effectively if they are in or around your home or business. No job is too small or too large.

We guarantee to take the queen and all the bees that are there at that time. There will be some bees that are away from the hive collecting food and will possibly return to find the queen and the hive gone. These remaining bees will go away within a few days and relocate to an existing colony or sadly in some cases will end up dying. It's best to have them removed as soon as possible to avoid significant structural damage and ongoing danger. The larger the hive become bees can become more aggressive. Give us a call today and we will safely and quickly solve your bee problem!
SoCal Bee Swarm RemovalSoCal Bee Swarm Removal
SoCal Bee Swarm RemovalSoCal Bee Swarm Removal

Wasp, Yellow Jacket, and Hornet Swarm Removal

SoCal Yellow Jacket RemovalSoCal Wasp Removal
SoCal Wasp RemovalSoCal Hornet Removal
We also provide wasp, yellow jacket, and hornet removal services for residential and commercial customers in Southern California. These may looks somewhat similar and can be confused at times with bees but they are very different and do not swarm in the same manner as honey bees. They also make different kinds of hives. Some can make nests in structures such as under eaves and some wasps make their nests in the ground. They can be more aggressive than bees and can also sting so they can be dangerous to humans and pets. Yellow jackets do not lose their stingers like bees so they can sting you more than once.
Wondering how can you remove wasp, yellow jacket or hornets from your home or business? The answer is call SoCal Bee Removal and Relocation, we can safely remove these pests as well.

Live Bee Removal Only

Have you seen lots of bees flying around your home or business? Call us early before they become a large established colony. This is an example of an Oceanside bee swarm removal for a customer who had bees above his garage in the attic. We located the swarm quickly and safely removed the swarm.
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